The Last Chapter

fiction He’d been standing in line at Dunkin Donuts for more than twenty minutes. Twenty minutes alone with his thoughts. A cacophony of sounds swirling around trying to deviate his subconscious from the latest vision. Okay, they weren’t really visions he thought, memories may be a better term. But they have been so vivid and on […] Read More →

How Tactful are Your Attraction Marketing Efforts?

attraction marketing Is Your Attraction Marketing Tactful? This whole attraction marketing thing is pretty cool if you learn how to use all of its wondrous facets properly. When one sets out to take on the role of attraction marketing professional, one gets a tad confused by what attraction marketing really is. Often, people just think that using the […] Read More →

Self-improvement is Key to Your Attraction Marketing Goals

attraction marketing So, you strive for tremendous results with attraction marketing. What steps have you taken to achieve your goals? Have you set your definitive purpose yet? Sometimes, we overlook serious steps required to really achieve attraction marketing success. Everything that happens to us happens on purpose. And sometimes, one thing leads to another–great, now I got […] Read More →

Impossible is Just a Word

attraction marketing Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasnt fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer? Who hasnt dreamed of being the homecoming queen? And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships? Often, […] Read More →

Taking Control over My Life 10 Easy Tips

taking control over my life Taking Control Over My Life Practicing positive thinking allows people to focus on our strengths and accomplishments, which increases happiness and motivation. This, in turn, allows us to spend more time making progress, and less time feeling down and stuck. The following tips provide practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into […] Read More →

Procrastination Kills the Attraction Marketing Professional

attraction marketing Wasting Time Kills the Attraction Marketing Professional If you waiver with your decision making, your attraction marketing efforts will suffer tremendously.  Now, think about that statement for a moment. See, when you find those who can make quick decisions, you will find great pupils to teach to. So, with that being said, your attraction marketing efforts […] Read More →

Contractions Killed the English Teacher

contractions, English grammar Stop Using Contractions, You are giving me heart Problems OMG, this needs to be said. I spent over ten thousand hours trying to get students to understand contractions in the English language, and I obviously failed. I wonder how many other teachers feel this way. The English language is ambiguous enough without having contractions add […] Read More →

How Sincere is Your Definitive Purpose?

attraction marketing Your Sincerity has an impact on your Attraction Marketing Have you ever dreaded something so much that it festers in your brain until the only possible outcome is a negative one? It can be anything, really. A company outing, a new car purchase, a meeting with your kid’s principal. When you begin to utilize attraction marketing, […] Read More →

Here are some tips Healthy Living

healthy living Healthy Living is important for a number of reasons. Surely you want to be around to enjoy life. If you want to shed unwanted pounds the healthy living way, You must begin to implement little steps that can help make the healthy living lifestyle attainable. Seven Easy to Implement Healthy Living Tips The key to […] Read More →

Attraction marketing Means Being able to Adapt

attraction marketing Attraction Marketing Means Flexibility So, the title is a little wonky, but basically you need to develop an attractive personality to fully utilize attraction marketing effectively. One of the simplest ways to achieve an attractive personality is to be flexible; learn how to adapt quickly to every situation. This one element is very crucial to […] Read More →