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Good Sportsmanship begins with Acting Like You’ve Been There.

Good Sportsmanship: Acting Like You Been There One of the things I never tolerated as a coach and even back to my playing days was show-boating, grandstanding, and any of that ilk. I am a big believer in good sportsmanship and preach it constantly to my kids and their friends. When I coached, it was […]
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The Winner in the Showmanship Category is YOU!

When one sets out to change the course of their life with attraction marketing, he or she must learn to utilize many facets of the laws of success to truly;y be recognized as an influential leader. Executing proper showmanship can be a bit tricky, as we as humans have a tendency to be all about […]
Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System Items to Consider

Do you believe in an attraction marketing system? if I told you there is such a thing, would you believe me? Well, when you begin to learn attraction marketing, you will need a place to practice your newly found skills so you can have a successful blog or business online. There are certain things beyond […]
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Facebook Will Kill Your MLM Business

This whole network marketing industry is going to be taken down by facebook. Too many bad things are happening to good people and it’s all because of greed and jealousy.  People are working their asses off to earn a living and someone gets all huffy about it and rats em out. Than bam, goodbye income […]

The Law of Attraction : A Lesson in Humility

The Law of Attraction : A Lesson in Humility The law of attraction requires one to spend some time learning about the laws of success. You see, without the laws of success, one cannot truly and fully practice the law of attraction. One aspect of the laws of success that seems to disappear once people […]
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People can Smell BS Law of Attraction Techniques a Mile Away

Social Media Kills the Law of Attraction I keep getting sucked in to the social media craze but mostly because I truly get a kick out of the way people claim to be practicing the law of attraction. Attraction marketing is a concept in which you make yourself attractive so people will do WHATEVER with […]
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I Put the Sexy in Attraction Marketing

From the moment she bumped into him, she knew something bad was going to happen. She felt the first tingle deep within and with every tick of her biological clock, she immediately yearned for him. His deep set eyes danced gallantly under his sculpted brow. His brown, shoulder length, hair sway loosely at his shoulders. She […]
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Is Facebook Killing the Network Marketing Industry?

Facebook is Killing the Network Marketing Industry Facebook for sure and social media in general are killing the network marketing industry and unless we recognize where the concern lies, some people’s business may be doomed. Back in the day I worked for Marshall Filed’s delivering furniture. The famed Chicago juggernaut had, by then, been sold […]
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Moving my Network Marketing business Away from Facebook

Wow, first it’s been way too long since I last posted, thankfully, I am the only one who reads my blog so. Ok, now, as the title of this article says, I am leaving Facebook for a little while. There is just something about it, as a whole, that is beginning to make my skin […]
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The Last Chapter

He’d been standing in line at Dunkin Donuts for more than twenty minutes. Twenty minutes alone with his thoughts. A cacophony of sounds swirling around trying to deviate his subconscious from the latest vision. Okay, they weren’t really visions he thought, memories may be a better term. But they have been so vivid and on […]