Blog and the World Laughs with you, maybe.

A Blog Can be Your Window to the World   Many people are setting up a blog for several reasons. You might have heard it somewhere recently but it actually started more than a decade ago from its mother, the online diary. Back then, these kinds of diaries were used by people to record and share accounts of their personal lives. […]
blog setup

Blog Setup for Beginners

Blog Setup for Beginners Blog planning  can be difficult if you do not know what you want to talk, ah write about. It could be extra hard if you do not have the necessary background in blogging. However, knowing what you want to blog about can easily come once you start browsing and poking around other […]
attraction marketing secrets

Attraction Marketing Secrets Exposed

Attraction Marketing Secrets Exposed  What do you think of when you read the words attraction marketing secrets exposed? Do you immediately need to read thinking that someone has finally exposed all the secrets? It sounds like a basic concept. Attraction marketing is the ability to sell, get people to join you, or see your point of view because […]
law of attraction

Law of Attraction and Your Success

Law of Attraction Success Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the Law of Attraction! Wow, so many huh. When you hear this basic concept, what is your immediate thought process? Do you immediately think, If I believe it will happen, it will happen? How’s that working out for you? I visualize every day […]

Blogging Basics: A Crash Course

The Basics of Blogging Blogging has become a super great way to earn a passive income. Some bloggers have been able to quit their jobs. Some use blogging as a full time income. No one is telling you to quit your job and become a blogger–unless you have tons of cash stashed somewhere and are ready […]
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Passive Income Vs. Linear Income

“Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s what life is made of” – Benjamin Franklin It’s something they never teach you in school. They don’t devote even 1 single minute to it. It’s the secret of Passive Income. Authors understand it. Pop Stars know it. Business owners aim for it. Investors […]